Advantages of Display Advertising

What is Display advertising?

Display advertising is graphic advertising on the internet platform that conveys business messages using text, image, video, photograph, and other graphic works. Strategically driven powerful Ads attract the right audience. Display advertising gives to brand identity and solid brand power that hits the right people at the right time.

Why display advertising relevant?
Suppose you are going to launch your dream business venture ( or a running business ) that is whether product or service, but if no one knows about it then your product or service is irrelevant. It means you've to build a clear awareness about your brand and your competitive edges among the target people in the most effective way.

Display advertising is dynamic and vibrant.
Comparing to other off-line platforms Display advertising is more worthy and reliable. It is dynamic, vibrant, highly targeted, flexible, and of course, clearly measurable. Brilliant Display advertising boosts your brand awareness, which makes possible quality leads and conversions.

Some critical benefits of Display advertising in a single glance:
1 Solid brand awareness.
2 Quick action.
3 Sharply targeted.
4 Transparent feedback measurement.
5 Create better engagement.

How to get over" Banner Blindness"?
It is a common criticism usually arising among the internet users that Display advertising might be omitted by Banner Blindness. Let's discuss what is Banner Blindness: Banner Blindness is a phenomenon in web usability where visitors to a website consciously or unconsciously ignore banner-like information. If your creative partner ( your Digital Marketing Company ) is equipped with a talented creative team and the innovative ideas they 'll create a brilliant creative solution for you by which you can grab users' attention. "83% of people agree with the statement: Not all ads are bad, but I want to filter out the really obnoxious ones" -- HubSpot Research.

Disply advertising strategy:
1 Set a campaign with a clear vision: First of all, you've to create a strategy formulation before setting out a campaign. Fix your goal rationally.
2 Fix your target people: Random aiming brings nothing but it might waist your budget without making any result. So, you've to fix your target people and go with your campaign.
3 Keep these following points in mind: > Location.
> Demographic details of the target people
> Retargeting
>Create aesthetically beautiful creative solutions driven by brilliant strategy.
>Optimize your landing page: Maintain your website's landing page attracting and vibrant and safe gourd against bounce.

How to Pick Smart Content and Benefits in Marketing Strategy?

Content Marketing is the creation and sharing of valuable content with the intention of branding, more search engine ranking, making a community, and so on. Your smart content nurtures leads and conversion, and of course, boosts your sales by brilliant keywords and targeted strategy recommendations.

Maybe Mr. Benjemin Franklin ( American Writer ) is the first person in the world who introduced content marketing by his 'Poor Richard' an annual almanac ( calendar with needful information) published 1732 to 1758

How does content marketing become critical in your marketing strategy?

1 Content Marketing enhances your SEO. Smart keywords lift your web site to the top position of search engine.

2 Good content rich up your brand value/ makes qualified leads / more traffic/good SEO ranking.

3 Manage your online reputation( ORM): Valuable and genuine content creates faith and affinity among customers, and you can maintain a kind of thought leadership in your segment.

4Content Management Vs Traditional Marketing : Traditional Marketing tools like Press Release/Brochure/TV Commercial/Radio/OOH/ are too expensive and conversion is not easily measurable. Whereas Digital platform is less expensive and more reachable.

5 Various types of Content Marketing:
1 Blog posting
2 Case Studies
3 Infographics
4 Testimonials
5 Webinare
6 User-generated content
Mode of Content:
1 Written :
> Blog Articles
> Product Description
> Ad-Copy
> E Book
> Landing Page
> White Paper
2 Video:
> V Blog
> Vox Pops
> Video Interview
> Animation
> Product Demo
> Corporate Video
> Gifs
3 Graphics
> Infographics
> Wire frame
4 Social
> User Generated Content
> Hash Tag Campaign
> Social Post
> Quizzes
> Polls and Survey
> Contests
5 Audio
>Pod casts
6 Content Channels:
> Organic SEO
> Paid Search Traffic
> Email marketing
> Social Media Marketing
> Pod casts
> Link Building
Content marketing is a great way to get people talking about your product or service. Good content inspires your customers to get engaged in content marketing activity. We get you, heart-touching stories that take your brand into the mind of target customers.

How to optimize your Facebook Targeting Strategies?

Without a strategic optimization on the relevant social media platform, you can hardly get along with your brand to the successful track. Because we are in a world where 3 billion people plugged into social media.
According to the research report 376.1 people using social media in India. It is expected to grow into 448 billion by 2023. Here we put some important points for your effective social media strategy that boost your business.

1 Wisely choose your social media platforms which are more suitable for your business. If your business is the B2C category Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram are good social media platforms for you. In Indian, there are 260 million Facebook users and 265 million youtube users

2 Start with a Facebook business page that gets you a 'space' of a small website to place your brand and get communicated with your target people. Use the right Facebook template suitable for your business that is freely available with a Facebook account

3 Stay vibrant with your social media account. Most business people open social media account for the sake of an account and they are either lazy or indifferent to active with social media putting good and relevant content. Until and unless you update your account with strategic content the account is vain.

4 Create smart content and make sure that it is fresh and relevant for your target people. Quality of content has been critical that take you into the mind of customers. Smart content strengthens your brand image, generate leads, gets more online visibility that brings business.

5 Some SEO hacks you need to try.
(a ) Choose the right page name
(b) Genuine and relevant content optimization
(c) TF IDF ( Term Frequency -Inverse Document Frequency ) when you write content keeps the TF IDF technic. For instance, when you write the content of 500 words make sure to repeat your keyword at least 50 times

6 Increase your Click-Through Rate (CTR):
(a) Put a good poster to grab audiences' attention.
(b) Use symbols.
(c) Put the main keywords you're bidding on in the URL of Ad.
(d) Call your audience to action by smart content.

7 Go with your Instagram putting brilliant images and videos.

8 You can explore through the Youtube account it is the world's second-largest search engine.

9 Frequently conduct contests and giveaways. To attract the audience and engagement you can use the hashtag campaign effectively which creates buzz around on your social media platform.

10 Do keyword research like SEO. Keywords and hashtags are critical for your social media optimization

11 The frequency of social media content
Facebook:    3-10 times per week
Twitter:         5+ times per day
LinkedIn:      2-5 times per week
Pinterest:     5-10 times per day.

You Needn't Hesitate To Rennovate Your Website. That's Your Face

Website Rennovation

Remember, your website is the virtual showroom of your brand. In the internet-based consumer world, your website marks the brand identity that brings business to you. Without a strong online reputation, it is tough for you to bring your business into a successful track. So, you have to maintain, a smart website, or now if your website is smart enough certainly. it has to renovate with immediate effect.

Some critical points regarding a brilliant website:
1) Fix your focal point before thinking of making a website. A Website is not for the sake of a website but, it's strictly for your target customers. User Experience is a critical element in your website. Rather than putting the content as your wish, it's important to get the relevant content expecting your target people from your website. Make sure a better user experience.

2) The visual appeal of your website: Your website must have an eye-catching visual power. The human brain processes visual content 60,000 faster than text. So, you have to make or innovate your website as an aesthetically good visual feel with a better user experience that inspires your customers to spend with your website relatively much more time. Try to use high-quality images and a reasonably good layout and typography.

3) The website must be responsive: Responsive website enables your site mobile friendly, improve the way it looks on devices with both big and small screens as well. People tend to spend more time on your site. It will help you improve your SEO ranking considerably.

4) Minimize your website's loading time: Loading time is a critical factor in your website's performance. Your website has to get loaded within 5seconds. Each second beyond 5 seconds results in greater bounce rates. The bounce rate pulls back your site from search engines.

Let's look at how to decrease website loading time?
(a) Minimize HTTP request
(b) Compress and optimize your content and images
(c)Place Javascript and CSS in an external file
(d) Put stylesheet reference at the top.
(e) Put script reference at the bottom.

6) SEO friendly site: Until and unless your website is SEO friendly it's functionality will go limited. How to get to improve your SEO while creating the site itself?

(a) Select a brilliant Domain Name
(b) Make content with powerful keywords.
(c) Product / service-related image optimization
(d) Optimize strategic video content.
(e) Target primary keyword on each page.
(f) Optimize title tags.
(g) The meta description for all web pages

Importance of the Landing Page: The Landing page is drawing-room of your website, it must be captivating to hold your visitors. Since the landing page is an important element of lead generation, you have to maintain a smart landing page. It is not good to use your home page as a landing page, even if it is an aesthetically good one.
Some critical points to follow while making a landing page:
(a) A headline and sub-headline must be incorporated on the landing page.
(b) A brief description of what you offer on the website.
(c) It is better to incorporate a short video.
(d) Try to optimize the Call To Action (CTA) button
(e) Try to limit extra navigation from the landing page. And must encourage the visitors to take action.

7) Keep your home page visually oriented as much as possible.

Why Should You Entrust Your Digital Duties With A Professional Digital Marketing Company?

Professional Digital Marketing Company

Some business firms probably very small in number could think that their inhouse 'set-up" is better enough to make sure your online presence has been smart to make good leads and conversions. But this kind of thought could hold your brand back from the tremendous possibilities of brilliant Digital Marketing strategies. Here are 10 points to substantiate this factor:

1) While maintaining in- house digital solution yourdigital marketing is too limited. It is not practical to maintain a full Digital marketing team. Digital Marketing requires high professionalism and the services of many experts and have to come together into one platform.

2) You can access all more skills for branding/leads/conversions with your good Digital Marketing Company. You get new ideas/ get professionalism for your native ads.

3) Manage your budget more effectively. If your agency partner is experts in what they are doing you can do your Digital Marketing with a reasonable budget with maximum Return of Investment (ROI).

4) You get reliability and accountability from your agency partner.Your agency is liable to get you a tangible result. Your agency partner is answerable for any pitfalls.

5) Your agency partner keeps you always at the top of the latest trends. In Digital Marketing, trends are changing constantly. Algorithms are changing frequently. Your agency gets new tactics, fresh strategies, new updating, and much more.

6) You get strategy-driven creative. Until and unless you get a brilliant creative solution your Digital marketing strategy won't go successful. Your in-house setup can't provide a smart creative solution.

7) Enjoy the power of storytelling with your smart agency partner. A good story creates good brands.

8) It's important that you should only choose a smart Digital Marketing Company as your partner analyzing their past case studies and solutions.

10 Digital Marketing Tips for Small Business Firms

Professional Digital Marketing Company

Digital Marketing and internet platform widely opened for any kind of exercise or experiment it has left the tremendous possibility to get connected with the potential group. Taking the advantage or possibility of Digital Marketing is the key to success. At the same time, it's unbelievably cost-effective and affordable for even a small business organization.

1) Research your competitors' position on the internet platform and social media. And try to differentiate your brand by adding some more values.

2) Make a reasonably good website: The website is the front room of your brand that gets a personality and character for your brand. The site must be purposeful with relevant and genuine content, it is to be aesthetically beautiful and attractive.

3) Start Google My Business ( GMB ) What is GMB? GMB is a free tool for business organizations to manage their online presence, including search and maps. GMB gets your potential people as easy access to your office, phone, website, direction, and review rating also with a click of a button without any coast. 4 Create an interesting Blog: A blog with brilliant content will make tremendous followers for your brand which will create a solid online reputation and good conversion or business.

5) Create good content: Create professional visual content that is more appealing and will bring a good result.

6) Consider Google Ads: You can put a display advertisement on Google platform strictly targeting your area/ demographic details / gender / and much more...

7) Social Media Marketing: Social Media Marketing is an effective tool for branding and sales promotions. You can effectively use FaceBook / Instagram and Youtube with good visual and Text content.

8) Improve your local SEO: SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) is an integral part of your Digital Marketing Exercise. SEO encourages your local users to visit your physical store or purchase your service, it brings brand awareness, online reputation along with leads and conversions. Good SEO brings more social media followers.

9) Guerrilla Marketing: GM is an advertisement strategy in which a company uses surprise and/or unconventional interactions in order to promote a product or service.

10) Email Marketing: Email Marketing is another kind of successful Digital Marketing tool.