8 Tips For Retention Marketing- And Double Up Your Business

It was a foggy morning, I was on my way back from Hyderabad, meeting one of my friends. A lad next to my seat in the flight was surfing through Bloomberg on this iPad. As the flight took off, he left the screen and Eventually, we got acquainted. He is a young entrepreneur. After his dad’s premature death, he took over the baton. They are running a well-known jewellery brand with three or four retail outlets. They were doing well with a strong customer base. But by the advent of Covid-19 and lockdown, their customer base was dissolved and, the sales graph slashed down. Owing to the Covid scenario, they had stopped their traditional ( offline)advertisement at the same time they didn’t do anything innovative and strategic on the digital platform. Honestly speaking they failed to retain their customers. And they failed to act at the right time in the right way.

What is Retention Marketing?

Retention Marketing is a strategy that keeps your clients with our brand. With the advent of Covid -19, our life drastically changed. Social life is disrupted tremendously. Customer behaviour changed significantly. Online shopping or virtual shopping spiked and, customers’ priorities are influenced by many variables related to Digital Realty. So you must keep your brand fresh and smart.

The 8 Tips To Retain Your Customers.

1. Make sure your presence in the Digital Platform. Set your brand energized and smart to attract the younger generation too.

2. Renovate your website. Website is the face of your brand. Make sure that your website has a good User Experience (UX) that will keep your audience more time with your website. The landing page must be attractive.

3. Ensure brilliant SEO support and valuable backlinks.

4. Make the potential customers engage on the Social Media platform. Randomly putting content on your Facebook/ Instagram or Youtube will bring nothing in sales growth or brand reach. But strategic content with a good creative solution will hit your target audience. Conversion will happen.

5. Place your brand as the industry leader with quality content and strategy.

6. Keep a good blog.  Regular blogging on a relevant subject is a vital tool that will raise your SEO graph.

7. Use your social media for customer engagement. Bring your target customers to the board by innovative projects. For instance, Contest and Giveaways.

8. Make online shop-cart.  Online shopping facility is a staple in this digital area. You can generate a significant business online too.

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